Un- Guestbook Ideas

Leaf Your Love – A Guest book Alternative


You never know what will spark an idea…

I’m a graphic designer and over the years I’ve created graphic pieces for events from custom invitations, brochures, backdrops, centerpieces, place cards, seating charts, banners, maps, sign-in boards to thank you notes and everything in between.  I had a couple that was interested in doing a unique guestbook for their upcoming wedding.  The bride-to-be said she didn’t want the usual standard guest book that would end up in her bottom drawer, nor did she want one of those pictures of the couple where everyone writes all over it (“Where do you put that thing once the wedding is over?” she said).  She wanted something a bit different and artsy that would allow their guests to write a short message to the couple. The groom-to-be wanted color.  Lots of color and abstract design.  So we came up with a detailed tree with large leaves and lots of colorful leaves.  Our instructions to the guests read:  “Fond memories these will be …please leaf a note on the bride and groom’s tree … jot a thought or a wish and you’ll help their tree grow … in the years that will come, they’ll mean more than you know!”  And that’s how Leaf Your Love was born.   If you have an idea or a question, please email me:     Terri@LeafYourLove.com